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Developing and enhancing institutional capacity of energy sector entities and human capacity development is a major focus area of SAREP.

SAREP’s capacity building strategy is based on the adoption of a programmatic, pragmatic and flexible approach to respond to the needs of various stakeholders.

The different kinds of capacity-building exercises SAREP seeks to undertake are as under:

  • Building capacity of regional and national institutions to enable and build confidence in cross-border power trade
  • Strengthening governments’ (i.e., state utilities, departments within government departments/ministries) capacity to streamline procurement processes, reduce information arbitrage, and improve transparency to enhance private-sector investments
  • Enhance the capacity of power system planners to manage the increased variable renewable energy, and improve policy and regulatory certainty to encourage increased investments in clean energy
  • To advance public and private investment, and provide an enabling environment, engage with investors, private sector developers, and vendors to develop their capacity to understand policies, codes, business models, financing instruments and standards
  • Identify gaps, particularly for appliances and equipment where standards are to be set and build capacity for development, adoption, and compliance with standards
  • Follow a gender-balanced approach to training across institutions to promote women’s leadership.

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