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Private Sector Engagement

SAREP enables and enhances private sector participation, leverages and mobilizes resources, increasing awareness and understanding of solutions to enhance private sector finances, and promote replication of successful approaches.

Activities are designed to expand private sector investments and enhance domestic and international finance for clean energy deployment. SAREP will also enable improved procurement processes and governance, adoption of best-value procurement practices, promote PPP models, and improve bankability of clean energy projects. SAREP supports risk mitigation, improved regulations, policy, and tariff frameworks.


Financing Strategy for Decarbonization

Financing Strategy for Decarbonization

SAREP is working with the NTPC-Renewable Energy Limited and Indian Railways to enable them to achieve their decarbonization and RE goals. The program will develop roadmaps to raise capital, evaluate investment and financing structures, enhance access to capital markets and optimize financing costs.


New and Innovative Financing Instruments

SAREP is developing toolkits and strategies to expand reach and use of innovative financing instruments such as infrastructure investment trusts (InvITs), Alternate Investment Funds etc. for clean energy transition. The program will share lessons learned with wider stakeholders in the region and build capacity for expanding their use.


Market for Green Bonds

SAREP is working with stakeholders to expand and enhance use of green bonds. Technical assistance, capacity development and market access activities are planned under this activity.

Collaboration with South Asian Women in Energy (SAWIE) and other key initiatives

Business Models, Procurement Strategies, Toolkits

SAREP is working to enhance transparent, best value procurement and supporting business models. Toolkits to enhance capacity of utilities, regulators and financial institutions for clean energy technologies and innovative business models are also proposed.