Opportunities: I. Request for Proposal (RFP) – Preparation of RE Action plan for Indian Railways for 2030. For more information click here. Last date: October 4, 2023.

Photo Gallery

Partners’ Day: May 2, 2023

Powering South Asia's Energy Transition

SAGE 2.0

Cross Border Renewable Energy Trade

NBFC Perspective on Financing Clean Energy Projects

Role of Energy Service Company in Promoting Energy Efficiency

Decentralised Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods and Women Empowerment

Main Forum: May 3 and May 4, 2023

Opening Session

Session 1 - Building a Resilient Energy Future_ Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Session 2 - Smart Metering and Data Analytics

Session 3 - Advancing E-Mobility in South Asia

Session 4 - World Cafe

Session 5 - Advancing Green Hydrogen

Session 6 - Mobilizing investments in CBET

Session 7 - Innovative Financing Strategies

Session 8 - Training and Skills Development

Closing Session

Glimpses from SACEF 2023