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Objective 1: Enhanced Regional Energy Markets and Integration

Advancing regional grid integration through cross-border power trade will enhance energy security in South Asia by optimizing costs and promoting clean energy resources. This can be achieved through regionally integrated markets and multilateral trade compacts. SAREP is working on facilitating the development of regional power markets, improve coordination & planning, strengthen national & regional institutions, drive consensus on power trade, and institutionalize a supporting framework and mechanisms. SAREP activities are supporting expansion of cross border electricity trade by supporting stakeholders to participate in trilateral, multilateral and exchange based markets.


  • FACILITATE: 4 TWh of Cross Border Energy Trade (CBET)
  • BUILD: Capacity of Policymakers, Regulatory Institutions, and Utilities
  • ENABLE: Trilateral and Multilateral Energy Compacts
  • IMPROVE: Regional Energy Cooperation and Transmission Interconnection


  • Druk Green Power Corporation (DGPC)
  • Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd (BPCL)
  • Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)
  • Bangladesh Advancing Development and Growth Through Energy (BADGE), URJA Nepal, Sri Lanka Energy Program (SLEP)


The interventions under this technical objective include expanding and reinforcing regional consensus on power trade and energy markets; strengthening the capacities of national and regional institutions by building technical and human capacity; catalyzing new energy trading entities in BBIN countries; facilitating market participation through targeted knowledge-sharing workshops, staff training, and white papers; creating trilateral and multilateral energy compacts and transactions; and supporting harmonization of regulations/policies, transmission planning, and operating standards.
power sector professional operating a tablet; background of transmission line and solar plant


SAREP is enhancing consensus on power trade and energy markets by enabling bilateral trade between governments to increase the cross-border-trade of electricity, building on USAID/India’s previous programs

Transmission towers with an orange-sky backdrop


SAREP is aiding power trading in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) through the development of market rules and regulations, supporting trading entities, and on-the-job training

An engineer with helmet looking on to a solar project and transmission infrastructure


SAREP is helping bolster participation in energy markets through targeted knowledge-sharing workshops, market models, and white papers