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Investment Facilitation in Clean Energy

The Clean Energy Investment Summit, held on April 25, was a significant step forward for clean energy initiatives in South Asia. Organized by USAID’s SAREP program in collaboration with the Impact Investors Council (IIC), the summit focused on facilitating investments in renewable energy, e-Mobility, energy storage, energy efficiency, and green hydrogen sectors.

The event attracted 28 investors from sectors such as private equity, venture capital, alternate funds, and development financial institutions. Their high level of interest in the clean energy sector resulted in over 180 meetings to explore potential investment opportunities. This demonstrates the growing attention and willingness of the financial sector to support sustainable energy solutions.

During the summit, more than 100 in-person meetings took place, providing a direct engagement opportunity for stakeholders. The remaining meetings will be conducted via video conferencing in the coming weeks to maintain momentum and engagement in the investment process. This dynamic interaction between investees and investors highlights the summit’s effectiveness in bridging the gap between clean energy initiatives and necessary financial backing.

A total of 50+ companies were initially reviewed for the summit, and 21 were shortlisted to participate. These selected companies represent promising opportunities within the clean energy sector and are seeking cumulative investments of approximately US$260 million. The discussions and financial scale indicated during the summit reflect the significant impact and potential of these initiatives to contribute to energy sustainability and economic growth in South Asia.

The summit also served as a platform to announce the upcoming launch of the Investment Mobilization Platform, which aims to enhance the investment framework and support for clean energy projects in the region. By facilitating easier access to capital and promoting collaboration among stakeholders, the platform seeks to accelerate the implementation of clean energy solutions across South Asia.

The expansion of focus areas in this year’s summit, including entities from South Asia and sectors like renewable energy, green hydrogen and energy efficiency, demonstrates the growing scope of SAREP’s initiatives. This strategic broadening of focus areas reflects the market’s increasing understanding and commitment to diverse clean energy solutions.

Initiatives such as the Clean Energy Investment Summit play a pivotal role in advancing the clean energy agenda in the region, making significant progress toward achieving environmental sustainability and economic resilience.


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The Clean Energy Investment Summit, held on April 25, was a significant step forward for clean energy initiatives in South Asia. Organized by USAID’s SAREP program in collaboration with the […]
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