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December 18, 2023
guidance bhutan

Guidance note for Bhutan to trade in Indian power exchange

Bhutan procured electricity for the first time through the Indian Power Exchange in January 2022 to meet its power shortage. This exposure to the market-based electricity trading necessitated the concerned power sector agencies in Bhutan to work in a coordinated manner to place the bids and procure power through the Indian Power Exchange.
October 4, 2023

Integrted power exchange transaction model for dispatch, scheduling & bidding (IMDSB)

Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness, is also renowned for being a carbon-neutral nation and for contributing to cross-border electricity trade in the South Asia Region. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been a long-term partner of Bhutan in its journey as a regional power market player.
August 24, 2023

SAFIR-SAREP Annual Conference (2023) Proceedings: Deepening Cross Border Electricity Trade and Regional Electricity Market Development for Sustainable Energy in the south Asia region

The South Asia Forum for Infrastructure Regulation (SAFIR) was established in May 1999. SAFIR aims at providing high quality capacity building and training on infrastructure regulation & related topics, in South Asia and to stimulate research on the subject by building a network of regional and international institutions & individuals that are active in the field.
August 24, 2023

Roadmap for State Transmission Utilities (STUs) Capacity Strengthening

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP) is a regional initiative which aims to enhance energy access, improve energy security, and increase the use of renewable energy sources in the region.
July 20, 2023

Whitepaper on Drone Applications for Power Sector

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s India Mission (USAID/India) and Power Finance Corporation (PFC) pursue the common objectives of accelerating utility modernization, improving the financial and operational performance of the state utilities, and encouraging the adoption of new technology solutions.
July 20, 2023

Smart Meter Installer Technician Training Module

The recently launched Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) by the Government of India (GoI) supports implementation of pre-paid smart meters and system metering, which is key to strengthening power distribution companies (Discoms), both operationally and financially.
July 20, 2023
ev charging

EV Charging Station Technician

South Asian region has in the recent years, witnessed considerable growth in usage of electric vehicles (EVs) as a means of public and private transportation. In the context of India, EV assumes strategic significance for the reason that it enables reducing dependence on imported crude oil and thus improves its balance of trade position. Another compelling reason for its growing usage remains thereby ensuring a pollution free environment and help in meeting India’s global commitments towards reducing carbon emissions.
July 11, 2023

Presentation on Electricity Generation Planning and Perspective for clean energy transition and advancing Cross Border Energy Trade – Bangladesh Perspective

Bangladesh has surplus power during winter season which can Export to neighboring countries during winter seasons.
July 11, 2023

Presentation on Electricity Generation Planning in Bhutan and perspectives for clean energy transition and advancing Cross Border Energy Trade in South Asia – Bhutan Perspective

The Parties shall institute a Joint Steering Committee (JSC) co-chaired by Power Secretaries and a Joint Working Group (JWG) co-chaired by Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary/Director General of the concerned Ministries of the two countries to take forward the identified areas of cooperation in the energy sector.