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Vendor Rating Program (VRP) for Solar Rooftops

solar panels

Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are one of the most promising RE options for consumers. However, despite its huge potential, it has seen limited growth in most South Asian countries, including India. One of the reasons for the low deployment is a concern about the quality and safety of PV installations. Poor quality standards, project execution, and substandard workmanship affect the performance of rooftop solar PVs, also creating safety hazards.

The Solar Rooftop Vendor Rating Program (VRP) was set up to drive consumer and investor confidence in the solar rooftop sector by addressing issues related to quality and safety. CII and SAREP are working on raising awareness of VRP among vendors and end customers Through various outreach efforts solar rooftops will play a key role in the region’s energy security and decarbonization plans. SAREP plans to replicate the VRP in other South Asian countries through knowledge and experience sharing. More details about the program can be found at