Inviting applications for the SAREP Grants Annual Program Statement (APS) – FY2024. For more information click Here.

Capacity Building

SAREP will deliver capacity building through in-person and virtual workshops, seminars, working group roundtables, online certification courses provided through reputable academic institutions, regional and international peer exchanges, CLA events, and analyses and studies developed jointly with stakeholders. It will build on past capacity building and technical assistance activities and collaborate with such ongoing and planned activities under SARI/EI and its Task Forces, SAREH, PACE-D, and bilateral programs (i.e., BADGE, Urja Nepal, and Sri Lanka Energy Program) to design and deliver focused training and workshops.

Training Program for Bhutan on Power Exchange Participation

The South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP) program, which forms part of Asia Edge, seeks to support interventions in Bhutan as part of its goal of improving access to