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Smart Energy Syst. Inc. dba Smart Energy Water

SEW is a pioneering provider of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms reshaping digital customer experiences and workforce experiences for energy, water, and gas providers worldwide. Driven by AI, ML, and IoT Analytics, SEW’s mission is to engage, empower, and educate billions globally to conserve energy and water resources. Collaborating with industry partners, smart cities, and telecoms, SEW delivers user-friendly platforms, focusing on sustainability and future-readiness. Their vision centers on driving energy transformation, water conservation, and efficiency, with a commitment to building a resilient and sustainable utility ecosystem. Through AI-powered intelligent platforms, SEW aims to increase conservation efforts and empower providers to address global sustainability challenges, all while championing the triple bottom line: People, Profit, and the Planet. Over the years, SEW’s evolution has seen them connect over 1.21 billion people, turning their vision of global sustainability into a reality.